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What we  do

.Optimystique Features are proud of our intervention and motivational work with young people from ethnic minority groups, in particular young afro caribbeans.

Optimystique Features believe firmly that these youths are people with potential not people with problems. Thus set out to harness their abilities and potential. Encouraging towards education and positive self identity. We contribute heavily towards producing exemplary young people who will make positive impact on society and reduce crime thus bringing about a more positive future generation. We aim to dispel negative issues that often surround and beset them.

Optimystique Features train and encourage young people then promote them by staging events which offer opportunities to showcase their talent and where they are rewarded for their motivation and hard work.

Training includes disc jockeying and radio presenting, as well as assisting young people to bring to the fore front other talents and skills that would otherwise be wasted.  We encourage development of their talents and help find an avenue into their chosen education and career path particularly in the arts, music and fashion.



We aim to reach the world through music. To inspire, educate, promote and entertain.  Optimystique Features continues to strive for excellence in all its doings, to motivate and to meet your needs of quality service and entertainment.



O ptimystique Features are proud of our ability to entertain and cater musically for all age groups and genre of music.  To continue providing quality music at quality events some of which includes  The Victorian Crystal Ball (an annual event held in association with RJR); Themed dances and balls e.g. The Valentines affaire, Monthly presentations at a variety of entertainment  clubs /venues.

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